The Most Common Training Nutrition Mistakes — and How To Fix Them!

workout nutrition is the most important part of the perfect body story. In the media and on the Internet there is too much information and misinformation. Associated with specific products and training, alongside some diets, comes research of what must be consumed and applied to gain greater muscle mass or counterclockwise to reduce excess fat. Too many vague and contradictory information often tend to be demotivating. Therefore, a large number of active participants simply return the bad habits associated with training diet. This article will discuss 3 basic training nutrition mistakes.


Insufficient protein

This especially important fact for all active members is that all the nutrients are necessary and essential for the proper functioning of our body. Macronutrients (MNCs) protein is important for the proper and regular muscle growth (amino acids are an integral part of the protein and are necessary to build new muscle tissue). For all those who have an active lifestyle (sports and intensive training) is necessary to have a minimum protein intake of 1-2gr for each kilogram of body weight (while inactive people have no need for protein intake for more than 60gr per day). This protein intake can be combined with freshly prepared food and protein supplements.

Carbohydrates are the main cause of excessive weight, but they are also a necessary source of energy for all active sportsmen.

Wrong carbohydrates

For proper growth of muscles and for obtaining the necessary energy for daily physical activity it’s recommended minimum 2-2.5gr carbohydrates for every kilogram of body weight.

Although the previous facts related to the consumption of carbohydrates are important, also a very important factor is which carbohydrates you intake. We have to mention that you should avoid “simple” carbohydrates (sugar), and instead consume “complex” carbohydrates (vegetables, grain and cereal products which are considered the primary source of complex carbohydrates, rice, potatoes, bread, pasta etc.) They provide energy for a longer period.

We must also mention that we should consume carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index which make them very essential to the digestive tract.

Skipping meals

Skipping the first 2 meals (breakfast and lunch) and consuming too much amount of food in other meals (generally dinner before going to bed) is absolutely wrong. In that way your body cannot advance in muscle mass, nor increase strength and physical performance.

For regular and proper muscle growth you need to have 4-5 meals a day. There are 3 main (breakfast, lunch and dinner) meals and 1-2 side healthy snacks in between.

Your meals should be in this order:

  • Breakfast
  • Healthy snack
  • Lunch
  • Healthy snack
  • Dinner

Another important fact is associated with a timetable between meals. A higher intake of carbohydrates should be done before training and immediately after. This will allow you enough energy for intensive workout.

In the end, we must note that proper training diet, a healthy and active way of living cannot be reduced to these three points, but they represent a good start that you need to follow.


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