The Best Ways To De-Stress Naturally

Modern life is stressful. We have to do more in less time. We are bombarded with choices, which make the 24 hours a day we do have seem like not enough. But there are some ways that you can relax naturally. Try one of these methods to help you to chill out.


The Best Ways To De-Stress Naturally
One of the best ways to de-stress in a natural way is to slow down. A great way of doing this is to try mindfulness practice. That means slowing down and paying attention to the task that you are doing at that moment. Many people choose to sit in meditation to develop their mindfulness technique. To meditate you can sit on a chair or cross-legged. Ensure your back is supported and your eyes are closed. Then focus on your breathing and let thoughts come and go from your mind without getting caught on them. It is not easy when you first start but can improve the quality of your life. Once you have established a 20 to 30-minute mindfulness meditation daily, you can start to work mindfulness into your everyday life. Try washing the dishes mindfully, eating mindfully or just paying attention to any task you are doing. This can help reduce stress because its stops you pushing on towards the next task, and help you to live in the moment of what is happening.



Exercise is another great natural stress reliever. Anything that gets your heart rate raised can help you flush out all the cortisol and stress hormones in your system. This will make you feel good and make dealing with a problem you do have a lot easier. As there is a range of exercises that you can do, my advice is to find something that you enjoy. Running, an aerobics class,  and working out at the gym at all good options. You could also try dancing yoga or pilates. Even playing tag with the kids or walking the dog can help you feel calmer. If mobility is an issue, try chair exercises like these to get you fix.
The Best Ways To De-Stress Naturally


Having some fun is also a great way of releasing stress naturally. Fun means different things to different people, and you need to give some thought to what is fun for you. Try an active rather than a passive activity. An active activity means something in which you can engage your mind. Good examples are reading, drawing, painting, woodworking or playing an instrument. Life is definitely more enjoyable and less stressful with some dedicated, fun time.

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