Nifty Diet Hacks To Help With That Summer Body

Maintaining a healthy, well-rounded figure and weight isn’t easy. If it were easy, nobody would complain about it! While it’s definitely true that it’s tough, it’s not life-altering, or impossible. With a few practice measures, you can turn your diet and body around in no time.

And since it’s summer, I’m sure a fair few of you are looking to do just that. Even though it’s June, and you might think it’s too late to turn things around, it’s really not. It only takes a month to make a big difference to your size and shape, whether you’re building muscle or slimming down.

So, I present to you some nifty diet hacks that should help you keep your summer body in check. With a pinch of discipline and self-control, you’ll go a long way!
Nifty Diet Hacks To Help With That Summer Body0

Skip the bread.

If you eat a lot of sandwiches for lunch or even dinner, you are consuming more calories than necessary. A simple slice of white bread contains between 90-100 calories. For a sandwich, you’re at 200 calories before you’ve even added the fillings! Opt for a salad or use a lighter wrap instead.


Combine your ‘cheat snacks’ with something healthy.

Everyone likes to enjoy something sugary or sweet. In fact, it’s necessary to ensure a balanced diet. If you don’t enjoy the foods you’re eating, then this can have detrimental effects. No matter how healthy the food actually is.

So, combine your sweet snack with something a bit healthier! A protein bar is an obvious candidate, as they usually resemble a chocolate or cereal bar. Other options include a chocolate protein shake or energy bars.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away…

True story that is. To a certain extent. All we really know is that apples help fight fat by promoting the growth of fat-fighting bacteria. Make it a round, juicy Granny Smith to receive the maximum benefit.


Cook healthily in bulk

Most of the time, the only reason people choose to eat unhealthily is that they’ve no time to cook. Or they can’t be bothered to cook. Pick one!

To combat this effect, cook in bulk on a Sunday for the week ahead. Then, freeze your meals to ensure you have a healthy supply throughout the week. Now, instead of reaching for the takeaway menu, you can reach for that rice and veggie meal instead.


Swap fizzy pop for fizzy water

Sometimes, it’s the fizzy nature of sugary pop that makes us want to drink it. The only problem is, it’s packed full of sugar which will help you pile on that weight. Do you know what’s also fizzy, but contains zero calories? Sparkling water. You can get your fizzy-fix with none of the guilt.


Use a smaller plate

A smaller plate makes you eat less, by fooling you into thinking you have a massive portion. In reality, you have a normal portion and your plate is just tiny. This way, it’s physically impossible to eat loads, too. Unless you spoon it off the table.


Are there any diet hacks that we missed? Leave yours in the comments down below!




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