How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes Naturally

Sleeping bags are among the hardest beauty issues to deal with. It is cumbersome to hide or cover them with makeup. Sometimes, they still appear no matter how hard you try to fix the makeup. Still they distort beauty by showing dark circles under the eyes. Nobody admires themselves in the mirror anymore after realizing that the sleeping bags are staring back at you. The bags can be on the face for long if you do not act towards eliminating or getting rid of them. Different factors lead to the appearance of the sleeping bags under the eyes. Factors may differ in individuals with this facial phenomenon. Sometimes, they appear for genetic reasons. They still can appear for wrong use of makeup.

Almond Oil

The delicate skin under the eyes can benefit from the use of almond oil. It is natural and is essential for eliminating dark circles under the eyes. The regular use of the oil will help to reduce the appearance of the eye bags by making them fade away slowly. In addition to the use of the oil, you can buy and use vitamin E for the same purpose. You can use the two products for remedying the condition interchangeably. It is vital to apply the almond oil on or over the dark circles. Then gently massage the area to get the almond oil into the skin. You need to let the oil remain on skin for the night and wash off in the morning. This routine is effective for causing the disappearance of the dark circles.

bags under eyes natural remedies Cucumber


Dark Circles under the Eyes are common for many of us. You can use cucumber to deal with the issue. Eye bags are easy to eliminate with the use of the veggie. It contains properties that cause the skin to lighten. In addition, they provide the affected areas with a soothing and relaxing effect. Use slices of the cucumber on the affected places of the eyes. Let the slices remain on affected skin parts for over 10 minutes. You should then wash off the face using lukewarm water. Use a cucumber just from the refrigerator. Thus it is essential for the soothing effects. You can also use a mixture of both lemon and cucumber juices. You then need to use clean cotton to apply to the affected skin areas. Use the remedy for a week and you will notice the disappearance of the eye bags from the skin.

Raw Potato

Many people are not aware of the skin bleaching agents in this product. Since the bleaching agents are present in the potato, you can use it for dark circles under the eyes. It will be effective in reducing puffiness and lightening the skin under the eyes. It is essential to use the remedy. Grating the potatoes to acquire the juice is vital. Then apply it with a clean cotton ball over affected areas. While doing this, close the eyes, so as to cover all the parts covered by the eye bags. Besides using the juice, you can use potato slices as a remedy. Place the slices on the circles to reduce the appearance and eliminate them. Include the habit in your routine.

Rose Water

Rose water is an effective skin care product. Apart from dealing with stubborn dark circles, it has a soothing and relaxing effect. It is also essential and effective for skin toning. Soak a clean cheesecloth or a cotton pad in rose water for some time. Then use cheesecloth or cotton pad to apply rose water to the eyelids, with the eyes closed. This ensures that you cover all areas affected by the eye bags. Allow the water to stay on the lids for about twenty minutes. The remedy is more effective when used twice in a day.


Another product that has bleaching properties is tomato. It is therefore an effective remedy for dark circles under the eyes. It will lighten and brighten those areas that are most affected. You can use slices of the tomato on the eyelids. Alternatively, you can mix tomato juice with lemon juice in same amounts. Then you should apply the mixture to dark circles. It is also recommended to drink the juice regularly. You can add mint leaves and salt, or whatever you like to make the juice more tasteful.

Lemon Juice

Lemon has bleaching and skin lightening properties and it is an excellent remedy for getting rid of dark circles under the eyes. You can use lemon juice on the affected areas to bring back bright and a clear skin.


Apparently, there are a number of remedies to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. As mentioned earlier, some people have issues dealing with them. However, these tips are necessary if you want to avoid the eye bags and even get rid of them. All of them are natural and thus are safe and have no side effects.


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