How to Cure a Hangover

Hangover cure is always more needed during the holiday season. Parties and celebrations are usually followed by alcohol consumption in large amounts that often get visible the morning after when we meet our “well-known friend” that visits us after every “good” party- HANGOVER. And it is usually being followed by headache and that well-known feeling that we have been run over by a bus. Sounds familiar, right?

There are many ways how to survive “the day after”. Pharmacists recently came up with many preparations (including hangover pills) but there are actually natural hangover cures that can prevent “the day after hangover” discomforts- which usually are exhaustion, diarrhea and severe headache.

Hangover symptoms

Hangover is a physical and psychological condition that occurs after excessive alcohol intake, depending on what and how much drink was taken, and can vary from mild headaches to severe exhaustion and dehydration, nausea and diarrhea. In the case of a headache, a person is bothered by all the surrounding sounds, the normal volume of conversation, even mild creaking door, because he literally feels like his head is going to explode.As you can see, alcohol is a miracle. If there is a strong urge to vomit, and at the same time nothing comes out, it is most likely because the stomach is completely empty. Constant tension only makes this problem worse.

Best Cures for Hangover


Dehydration of the body is often recognized due to strong thirst because alcoholic beverages can easily empty our body. The best hangover and dehydration cure is certainly higher intake of fluids – water above all. It may be that you really burn the esophagus – as a consequence of consumption of spirits. Sluggishness, fatigue, weakness and extreme fatigue are a regular occurrence after drunkenness. This would be only the physical symptoms of a hangover, what about the psyche? No hangover remedy will cure depression, which occurs immediately after waking up. You can also face fear and remorse. 

Hangover Remedies

The best way to prevent a hangover is to moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages or even better, totally avoid it- because only then you are 100 percent sure you will not have to deal with hangover. If you still decide to drink but want to be sure that you would avoid dehydration followed by a series of unpleasant symptoms, it is very important that with every glass of alcohol you drink and one glass of plain water. Besides, no alcohol should be taken on an empty stomach, because in this way you reduce the risk of binge drinking. However, if this condition has already occurred, the best hangover cures are recipes from nature, because there are many ways to alleviate the discomforts and speed up recovery and return to your normal self. 

Milk against hangover 

A cup of milk has a positive preventive effect because it will reduce the speed of absorption of alcohol and will successfully eliminate symptoms of a hangover. 

Water hangover treatment 

Immediately after waking up the next day, after a stormy night,if you feel that your head is like a “huge drum”, drink a large glass of water and continue to sip it throughout the day in larger amounts. 

Tea hangover therapy 

A big mistake in the morning itself, after the “joyful night” is to cook strong coffee which is a common practice. If you think that strong coffee can help you cope with headache – you are wrong! Coffee is very strong diuretic and would cause even greater dehydration, and you will only irritate already irritated nervous system. Instead of coffee you can drink a cup of tea from lemon balm, chamomile, mint or always popular green tea.  

Food remedies for a hangover 

Many people who deal with a hangover often experience nausea, retching and uncomfortable burning sensation in the chest area. The best advice is to eat even if you are not hungry because when you eat something, your stomach will start functioning properly and enumerated symptoms of a hangover will be eased. The best solution is to make a healthy breakfast containing cereals and fruits because they are rich in vitamins C and B, which are most needed at this time, as well as carbohydrates, because they provide all the necessary energy. 

Ginger against hangover

Ginger is an excellent hangover remedy. It relieves stomach problems, dizziness and headache. It can be consumed in a tea form, as a condiment, or powder mixed with water. Ginger tea with honey and lemon juice is the best hangover cure. 

Drink a fresh egg for breakfast 

Eggs contain cytosine, an amino-acid which is a powerful weapon against the acetaldehyde, a toxin which is a byproduct of ethanol oxidation. Acetaldehyde causes drowsiness that eggs successfully break.If you squeeze the juice of one lemon and whisk it with a fresh egg (you can add a bit of honey), and then drink it on an empty stomach at once, you will make a remarkable hangover cure and soon they will alleviate problems and will definitely make you feel a lot better. 

Good morning smoothie 

Mix in a blender one banana, fresh orange juice, a handful of blueberries, a piece of ginger root and a teaspoon of local honey. Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach and it will provide us with all the necessary energy, vitamins and minerals, and it is also an excellent home detox. With this smoothie no hangover pills are needed.

We believe that by now you have been given information on what’s good for a hangover, so you should definitely take some of these recipes and try them out. It is important to take foods rich in potassium, as it will be of great help in the fight against hangovers. Today we know that alcohol does not take away only water from the body, but also valuable electrolytes. Therefore, eat a banana, it is a great cure for a hangover, drink a glass of juice of fresh tomatoes or cook a light tomato broth. Spinach is also a good source of this mineral, as well as freshly squeezed orange juice.

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