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No matter how hard we try to take of what we eat, it is very hard not to overeat during holidays. It’s not an easy task to resist the foods you like, especially when it comes to fatty, salty foods and desserts.

After the holidays, our body is in great need of detoxification. Whether you have symptoms such as bloating, heartburn, headache and the like, that are caused by overeating and lack of physical activity, surely you will not go wrong if you devote some of your time to exercise and care for your body. You don’t have to go on an extreme diet and eat only toasted bread and drink tea. We offer you a few useful tips on how to get rid of accumulated toxins from your body naturally, in no time.

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Natural body detox tips

First of all, get used to drinking a large glass of lukewarm lemon water every morning. Chinese medicine recommends warm water, because it stimulates digestive system organs. Hot water combined with lemon will contribute to a better functioning of the digestive system and help you get rid of heavy, fatty food remains which are still present in the body from the previous days. In fact, warm lemon water in the morning will soothe your whole body. It helps against bloating and heartburn, stimulates the immune system and cleanses the urinary tract, and what is even more important, lemon enhances bile secretion necessary for digesting fatty foods and cleanses liver from toxins.

Reset your sleep cycle. During holidays your sleep cycle is certainly disrupted, because we all like to stay up late and eat late at night. Loud music several nights in a row, intense parties and late night meals, all this prevents you from having a good sleep. It is not that uncommon to wake up feeling like a zombie. For this very reason, try to sleep at least 8 hours a day during the next week.

Turn off your TV, cell phone, tablet and similar devices at least two hours before bedtime and try to tire out your eyes and relax your mind reading a good book. Try to fall asleep before midnight, preferably before 11 o’clock in the evening, because the pre midnight sleep is of the highest quality. Darken the room completely, close the curtains, roll down the shutters, turn off all the lights because this way a greater amount of melatonin (rejuvenating hormone) is being produced, which is secreted in complete darkness only.

Exercise intensively. During the holidays you spent most of your time sitting and you probably didn’t exercise a lot. Start the following week with the intensive training – at least half an hour of jogging every day or an hour of very brisk walking. Gym is a good solution as well – but jogging and brisk walking are far better options for general health.

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