Common Sports Injuries And How To Prevent Them

Sport is a wonderful thing. But it can also be dangerous. Sporting injuries are fairly common. Here are some of the most prevalent types of injury and some helpful hints to help you safe when you’re training or playing.


Common sports injuries

You run the risk of injury playing any sport. Some activities are more dangerous than others, but even the most innocuous-seeming fall or slip can result in severe damage. The most common types of sports injury include:


Sprained ankle

You can sprain your ankle very easily, even when you’re not playing intensive sport. If you slip, or your ankle buckles on an uneven surface, this can result in a sprain. In the sporting world, sprains are most common in soccer, rugby, football, and tennis.


Groin strain

Groin strains are common soccer injuries. They often occur as a result of reaching or stretching too far. You may also increase the risk of groin strain if you fail to warm up properly.



Pulled or torn hamstring

The hamstring is located in the back of the thigh. A hamstring pull or tear is often an acute injury, and you’ll see athletes pull up suddenly while running. This injury is common in many sports, including athletics and soccer. It’s essential to warm up thoroughly to prevent hamstring tears.


Injury prevention tips

Sometimes, accidents are inevitable. But often, there are steps you can take to minimize the risk of sports injuries.


Warm up

A warm up is perhaps the most effective means of preventing injury. When you warm up, your circulation increases and your muscles prepare for exercise. If you exercise without warming up, you can do all kinds of damage to your muscles and connective tissue. Stretch, do some cardio exercises and get your heart pumping.


Seek advice for injuries

If you’ve got a niggling injury, make sure you take it easy. If you feel pain, have a rest. Wear a support or use copper compression sleeves or socks to speed up your recovery. Often, carrying on makes injuries worse. Don’t rush your recovery. If you go back to training too soon, you could cause even more damage.


Use the correct equipment

Always make sure you have well-fitting footwear and you use the protective equipment provided. Play by the rules and use the correct technique. Take extra care if the ground is wet or slippery.


Have a rest

It’s essential to let your body rest and recover after playing sport. Exercise puts your body through its paces, and it can take a lot out of you. Try and recognize the signs of fatigue. If you feel tired, or your body aches, have some time out. Have a sports massage, or enjoy a soothing soak in the bath. You should leave at least 24 hours between intensive training sessions.




Sports injuries are common. Sometimes, they can be avoided, and in other instances, they’re impossible to prevent. Take these tips on board to try and stay safe when you’re paying sport. Listen to your body and take time to rest and relax. Don’t push it when you have an injury. Seek medical advice and give your body time to heal.



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