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Celebs have to stay in shape just like the rest of us, and with their hectic lives that’s not always easy.  So it should come as no surprise that they’re frequently on the cutting edge of health and fitness trends.  It turns out that trampolining is more than just a great way to occupy your kids—it’s also a mood enhancer and a great workout.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna are known for their love of bouncing away the fat. Victoria Beckham is another fabulously fit celeb that’s known to be addicted to rebound workouts. And that’s only the beginning. Carrie Underwood and Vivica Fox have also started incorporating the bouncy tool in their workouts. Even Julianne Hough uses a trampoline to maintain her willowy physique.

Bouncing away the fat

It’s no mistake that some of Hollywood’s most slender ladies are loving the trampoline. For one thing, it burns more calories in less time than most other workouts. Ten minutes of bouncing can be the equivalent of 30 minutes of jogging. That’s a huge factor for anyone with a busy schedule.

Plus, trampolining engages the entire body. Staying fit and toned all over isn’t easy, and celebs have to manage their look from head to toe. Why do three or four different workouts when one can make you so svelte?

Of course, the calorie burning and muscle toning are probably the main reasons for the love of trampolining, but it’s also convenient. Trampolining can be done indoors; it’s not dependent on weather, and it doesn’t require a lot of special gear—just a comfy clothes and a pair of socks with grippy bottoms.

health benefits of rebounding

Bouncing away the blues

Trampolining has another major pro that its fans, celebrities and others, can’t get enough of. Bouncing on a trampoline releases endorphins—the brain’s natural “feel good” chemicals—so bouncing is a great mood enhancer. No one can bounce on a trampoline and not end up smiling! No matter how stressed you are, there’s nothing quite as freeing and fun as bouncing.

Bouncing is here to stay

Modern trampolines are much safer than their predecessors, and it’s no secret that we all need to incorporate more exercise into our lives. If there’s one thing that celebrities know well, it’s how to stay in shape and how to multi task. Brooke Burke-Chavet loves trampolining because she can spend quality time with her kids while still maintaining her gorgeous shape. Holly Robinson Peete bouncing for the same reason, saying that trampolines are a playpen, exercise space, and destress zone for the whole family.

Beverly Mitchell also loves to destress by bouncing, as does Amanda Bynes.

Trampoline parks and gyms are cropping up all over the place, and celebrity love of the sport has been instrumental in getting the word out about rebounding’s benefits. Most parks and gyms have fitness classes as well—you might not have a personal trainer to hop with, like Gwyneth, but engaging, body sculpting classes are becoming more and more common. Even regular gyms and dance studios are getting in on the action with classes that take place on mini trampolines. There’s even trampoline yoga!

Bouncing is for everyone

Thanks to celebs like Madonna popularizing trampolining, the idea that it’s just an activity for children is dissolving. And that’s great news for anyone who wants to get fit and have fun. Trampolining is also much gentler on the body than activities like running, while still helping to strengthen bones and muscles and burning tons of calories. A single trampoline class can burn 500 to 900 calories. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with going to trampoline arena just to bounce for fun, either!

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