5 Ways Exercise Helped Me To Become More Beautiful And Confident

You must know that working out is not only to reduce weight and tone muscles. Regular
can give you healthy glowing skin, improve your mood and boost your self-confidence. A lot of positive changes, some which you wouldn’t even notice, begin to surface when you start working out on a regular basis.




If you exercise regularly, you might not have noticed that it improved your posture, your steps are springier, and you may be even doing well at work. So don’t worry if you hadn’t lost weight if you take a closer look other aspects of your life might have improved. Here’re a few ways in which exercise helped me to become more confident and beautiful. I also got a few tips from this legendary guide to fitness workouts which helped my fitness journey.


Charged up my confidence level

Apart from achieving my fitness goals another reason for hitting the gym was to work on my poor self-confidence. If you have seen confident people, they radiate a kind of physical appeal and charisma. I too wanted to feel the same way. The best part was, within a short period my self-worth had improved even before I saw changes in my body.

Our self-esteem will affect the energy levels, capability, and attractiveness. And if exercising can make you feel good in your own skin then why not give it a shot? After all, self-love is the best.


Stress Buster

I don’t want to bore you with statistics but compared to the olden days, stress level among people have increased significantly. You must find out a healthy way to relieve the stress because it will mess with your health. Don’t lash out at loved ones because even they might be equally stressed and when stress meets stress, it will turn into a disaster.

Bottle up all your stress and show the elliptical machine who’s the boss. Stress level will reduce, you’ll burn more calories, and you don’t have to lash out on your loved ones. So it’s a win-win situation.


Made me feel good

Isn’t everyone doing something or the other to make them feel good? When you feel well physically, it has a good effect on your mental health. You will have the energy to explore new places, new people and have the confidence to overcome any obstacles.

After an intense workout session, you will have a sense of accomplishment knowing that you pushed yourself to achieve it. Looking back at the time when you started and where you stand now, you will know how far you’ve come. So you’ll start believing that if a hard workout session is possible, then everything else is going to be a piece of cake!


Made me happy

Pushing yourself to run some extra minutes on the treadmill can be tough, but it’s totally worth the effort. Exercise releases hormones known as endorphins which are hormones that make us feel happy. Scientists have conducted many studies and proven that it can alleviate depression.  To battle depression, doctors’ advise people to exercise regularly.

And in the end, if you feel happy, you will feel beautiful irrespective of your size. If you don’t find time to go to the gym, play your favorite songs and dance for 30 minutes. It will instantly boost your mood.



My acne problem disappeared

I was suffering from acne for some time, and none of the commercial creams seemed to be working. So one of my friends told that working out helped to clear her acne problem. So I worked out regularly, included healthy food in my diet, and followed homemade cures to treat acne. Within a month, my acne started to clear out.

I would not say it is the cure for all skin problems. But, when coupled with other routines it will be twice as efficient. It is also said that sweating out is equal to a mini-facial and increase blood flow.

I can keep on going about the benefits of exercises. But, personally, these are the changes which I experienced. I know a few of them would argue against all the advantages of exercising. If you want to prove the yea-sayers wrong, why don’t you try working out?


Do you workout? If so do share how it has helped to make you feel better.



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